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Dr. Hamblin and his dear friend Dr. Norris Belcher, Pastor of the Church of the Open Door Westminster, MD Fall Revival Meeting 2007 Dr. Hamblin and his mother, Madeline Hamblin May 28, 1995 Dr. Hamblin with his mom Summer  2008 Dr. Tom Malone, Jr., Dr. John N. Hamblin and Dr. Tom Malone, Sr. Preach It From The House Top Tent Meeting Detroit, MI 1995 Billy Sunday, W.B. Riley and R.G. Lee all stood in the pulpit Dr. Hamblin is preaching from at the 2007 "Fire and Unction" Camp Meeting hosted by Harvest Baptist Church Allentown, PA Dr. Hamblin at the grave of the great revivalist Jonathan Edwards Princeton, NJ December 2008 Dr. Hamblin presented Dr. Shelton Smith with the Kentucky Colonel Award at the International Sword of the Lord Offices in Murfreesboro, TN. December 2008 Dr. Hamblin is also a Kentucky Colonel himself Dr. Hamblin and his namesake Johnny Mendez Dr. Shelton Smith & Dr. Hamblin 'hoopin it up' in the Tom Malone Sr. Hall Taken on Dr. Hamblin's 48th birthday! Midwestern Baptist College Pontiac, MI Pastor Bill Fennell's handywork on Dr. Hamblin being called the Billy Sunday of our day! Dr. Hamblin at Dr. B. R. Lakin's first pulpit at the International Headquarters of the Sword Of The Lord, February 2007 "The picture that goes in the brief case!" Dr. Hamblin & Dr. Shelton Smith Sharing a platform as they have done innumerable times across the country Dr. Hamblin and his Mentor! Dr. Tom Malone, Sr. "Can I get a witness?" Dr. Hamblin with Dr. and Mrs. James Earls  2007 National Sword of the Lord Conference "The Hamblin's 25th Anniversary Evangelism Banquet" Rev. Zach Wagner, Dr. Shelton Smith, Dr. John Hamblin, Dr. Wayne Halleck & Pastor Randy Williams Dr. & Mrs. Tom Malone Sr. with Dr. & Mrs. John Hamblin Dr. Hamblin with Miss Sarah Pope at the Sword Of The Lord offices Secretary of Dr. John R. Rice, Dr. Curtis Hutson and Dr. Shelton Smith Dr. Hamblin standing in the tent pulpit of Evangelist Oliver B. Greene on display at the International Offices of The Sword of the Lord Murfreesboro, TN November 2007 30 years later, Dr. Hamblin preaching behind the same pulpit that he preached his first message from August 2009 Midwestern Baptist College Commencement Exercises 2009 Miss. Sara Hamblin, Miss. Madeline Hamblin, Mrs. Cari Hamblin with Mrs. Joyce Malone Dr. & Mrs. Hamblin celebrate 30 yrs of full time evangelism this year Dr. Hamblin and  Dr. Halleck anticipating the message Charity Baptist Church Brownstown, MI 2010 Photo Gallery Dr. Hamblin & Brother Rollie Conley,  long time friend Dr. Hamblin presenting Dr.Ray Haselhuhn with“The Friend of the Evangelist" AwardMarch 2013 revivalFirst Baptist ChurchCanton,MI The pulpit Billy Sunday preached from in Philadelphia. Spring 2013 Click for Favorites page 3 Click for Favorites page 3 Click for Favorites page 3 Return to Favorites page 1 Return to Favorites page 1 Return to Favorites page 1