Dr. John Brent Stancil, Dr. Hamblin, Dr. Joe Arthur Dr. Shelton Smith and Dr. Hamblin Greater Atlanta Sword of the Lord Conference Harvest Baptist Tabernacle 2009 Mr. & Mrs. Houston rented a hummer limo to take Dr. & Mrs. Hamblin to dinner in after a Saturday evening service. Dr. Hamblin preaching under the tent using  Evangelist Oliver B. Greene's personal Bible Click for Favorites page 2 Click for Favorites page 2 Click for Favorites page 2 Photo Gallery "Sons of Thunder!" Dr. Lawrence Mendez & Dr. John N. Hamblin at Open Door Baptist Church, Detroit, MI "Preach it From The House Top" annual tent meeting revival Mrs. Hamblin, Suzanne Lesieur and Lisa Neill Dr. Hamblin & Dr Ray Haselhuhn, Pastor Annual Winter Revival Meeting First Baptist Church Canton, MI March 2011 Dr. Hamblin inducted to the Clearview Baptist Church "Hall of Fame" Douglasville, GA Dr. J. Frank Norris's Bible Standing in Dr. J. Frank Norris's pulpit, that he preached from 1,000 of times while it was on the platform in Detroit at the famed Temple Baptist Church Sermon notes from the book of Jonah by Dr. J. Frank Norris At the grave of Dr. J. Frank Norris If a picture says a 1,000 words, then this one just might say a whole library!
Dr. Hamblin’s Favorites